Black Market SADC Chao


Click the VMI link if you are using a Dreamcast internet browser.
Click the VMS link if you are using a computer.

In order to download to a Dreamcast memory card, you must have 8 free blocks and no minigame on the card.
After downloading the file, pick up the chao from the VMU machine in any garden, then exit the garden to save.

The Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, and Sapphire chao were never officially released outside of Japan to our knowledge.
Chao download files are not region-locked, so other than a garbled file name on the VMU, the region does not matter.

Japanese Black Market

Emerald ChaoThis chao is named Eme Chao.
This chao was available for 0 Emblems to commemorate
the European release of Sonic Adventure.
It was available online starting October 14, 1999.
The first distribution of an emerald chao started March 20, 1999,
at the Tokyo Game Show '99 Spring, making the emerald chao
the first "Rare Chao" to be distributed.
An emerald chao was reportedly also distributed
on March 27, 1999, for an event called
"Magical Garden Yume no Dreamcast Matsuri".
I couldn't find any information about this event other than a date.
Eme ChaoVMI
Amethyst ChaoThis chao is named Ame Chao.
This chao was available for 100 Emblems.
As far as I know, it was only available through the Japanese
Black Market webpage.
This page was reportedly available starting June 8, 1999.
It wouldn't make much sense to have a Black Market with
nothing on it, so perhaps this is when this chao was released?
Ame ChaoVMI
Ruby ChaoThis chao is named Rubi Chao.
This chao was available for 0 Emblems to commemorate
the US release of Sonic Adventure.
It was available online starting September 9, 1999.
The first distribution of a ruby chao started June 12 1999,
at the Dai 10-kai Jisedai World Hobby Fair.
Sapphire ChaoThis chao is named Safa Chao.
This chao was available for 0 Emblems to commemorate
the first anniversary of Sonic Adventure.
It was available online starting December 23, 1999.
Safa ChaoVMI

Come to think of it, most of their merchandise was free, huh...?

English Black Market

Yes, there would certainly be little point at all to have a Black Market with nothing available from it.

So don't ask me why they put a Black Market button on the English website that didn't lead to any chao.

They DID intend to have the following chao available at some point, but no one ever redirected the link.

Good thing it was on the server anyway, so we can have it now!

NiGHTS chaoThis chao's file is named KNIGHTS.
The chao itself is unnamed.
It was intended to require 100 Emblems.
It's a normal-colored Fly type chao meant to look like NiGHTS.
You can get chao that look just like it in normal gameplay.
This chao isn't actually rare at all, is it?
You can get one with 0 Emblems just playing the game!


BUDDY the chao exists in an earlier format of chao upload data on the disc for the US version of Sonic Adventure.
It's not really supposed to be available to us, but who cares!? He's adorable! I love him already!
Big thanks for PkR for making BUDDY into chao download data!

BUDDYHe is your friend now.BUDDYVMI


The super cool and epic host for this page:

Sonic Adventure website archive with the Black Market chao files:

Blog post about SADC's Black Market and BUDDY download data: PkR

Sources for dates and availability:

Date for emerald chao at TGS: Link Archive

Dates for emerald chao at Magical Garden Yume no Dreamcast Matsuri and ruby chao at World Hobby Fair: Link Archive

Date for Black Market: Link Archive

Date for sapphire chao: Archive

Information about KNIGHTS, and the dates for the emerald and ruby chao's download files,
are present in the Sonic Adventure website archive linked above.


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